Nature Enlightens

6 08 2010

And I who thought the two superhot blondies passing me by, turning their heads and smiling at me was gonna be the best thing about this morning…

The stone furthest away is actually not a stone!

10.30am – 4 * 3 min on/2 min off Beach Running @ 80%*
10.50am – Yoga on the rocks & Whale watching!

The first thing I saw when I was meditating after the runs was a HUGE fin, and my first thought went to the surfer I just waved to in Glen Beach Bay to the right of me. Moments after however I was stoked when the Southern Right Wale surfaced and blew a big spray of water in the air! I spent a good 15 minutes watching this huge animal play and inspect it’s surroundings, only about 50m out from Camps Bay Beach. The wale actually ”hoovered” with a big part above the surface for several seconds at a time and I was cursing my self for not bringing a better camera then my iPhone…

By the way, did you know that these incredible animals got their name from the whale hunters? Apparently this was ”the right” whale to catch and slaughter. Good thing we don’t do that anymore huh, oh wait, I remember reading about the Japanese whale fleet catching thousands of whales every year (maybe even more) but hey, they state it’s for scientific reasons so…

Anyway, I’ve also heard that conditioning is something that needs to be kept fresh. To that list you can add my running form and then just put a picture of me from this morning for the perfect encyclopedia. Plan was to keep this session light, but already in the end of the second intervall my legs were heavy and I was quite out of breath. Managed to recover enough to do all 4 rounds however and I guess I just need to keep this kind of training coming on a more regular basis.

Soon off to the gym!






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