Fast Lane Lynne & 50 Pull Ups!

6 08 2010

Knew I could do this!

Bad camera angle, but you just have to trust me – chin was over the bar. Last one obviusly didn’t count…

2.30pm Yogaman’s WOD @ Cape CrossFit:

A. 5*5 Box Squats @ 61kg: 45 cm/45/40/40/30

B. ”Fast Lane Lynne” reversed order and max 90s rest b/t set!

  • Pull Ups: 50 PB!, 16, 15, 12, 12
  • Body Weight Bench Press, 75kg: 23, 11, 9, 8, 7

Total: 163 (105 PU + 58 BP)

C. ”100 Push Ups Challenge”: Aborted after 60ish reps…
This is a challenge where you do 10 different kind of pshu’s for 10 reps each. Found it on FitAsF*ck a while ago.

Very satisfied with my pull ups! Not perfect technique and not very fastbut my only goal today was to reach those 50…
The reason why I changed the order of the excerceises was not only to get more PU in the first set. My ”strength” is pushing and I need to get balanced by doing more pulling sessions. Lost 10 reps from my previous best in the BP and then, due to the short recoveries, even more. Still, this is such a disco-workout. Felt like Arnold after a few rounds. 😉

The box squats was just to check that my back can handle it and that my technique was right. Started with a pretty short ROM and ended up with going deep enough to have the hip below knees.

I plan to re-do the pshu-challenge soon, (and not after killing my pressing muscles before), and obviusly I will film it to show you the different kind of pshu’s used. If I would post my video from today it would only be showing off-material since I was pumped like a monster after Lynne. Hmm, well my pull ups above could be read as a little bit of showing off as well, but I’m just stoked to get them…

After the wod I got another PB done when I pushed my scooter to go from Gardens to my chiro in Camps in less then 8 minutes (usually takes 15). This time I think the quack stung me with the needles around 20 times, Quadratus Lumborum (lower back) and TFL (outside thighs) cramped more then once. But, to his defence it’s actually working so I’ll be back there next week again.

Now it’s time to put some grassfed beef on the Braai!





5 responses

7 08 2010

Fräckt starkt Yoggi med 50 PU, tror du har 112 i kroppen! Bra teknik med! Suck jag som precis börjar få lite koll på vanliga kippade, nu måste man ju lära sig butterfly med!

7 08 2010

Thx man! Känner jag dig och din utveckling rätt är du snart uppe och leker loss butterflies utan problem! 😉

6 08 2010

Thx Boys!
Well, tänkte på det där och antar att 50 är en liten mental gräns som jag bara ville klara. Men jag försökte ju faktiskt med 51 oxå utan att lyckas. Nästa gräns får väl bli 60, då är man ju iaf mer än halvvägs till Spealer, hahaha.. 😉

6 08 2010

Snyggt pers med 10 reps! Såg typ ut som att du bara hoppade ned med gas i tanken kvar också! Grattis!

6 08 2010



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