5 08 2010

Awsome artist, awsome song…

But, what I meant was that I now have done some changes to my programming, (again), and that my plan is to re-start the Wendler 5/3/1+ system on Monday. This is how it will look from now on:

  • Mondays: Box Squats + Shoulder Press
    WOD will include technique practice for the snatch and metcon will be medium-long
  • Tuesdays: Weighted Pull-ups (re-calculated the weights including bodyweight, as adviced from CrossFitDave).
    Metcon will be focusing on Muscle Ups and be sub maximum effort
  • Wednesdays: Hang Power Clean + Snatch Balance (will be using blocks or stack bumpers for the cleans to avoid picking the weights up from the floor).
    2 WODs, above will be morning and 2nd will be Cape CrossFit’s 5.30 pm class.
  • Thursdays: Active Restday!
    Hiking, Swimming or Yoga plus a lot of stretch…
  • Fridays: ”Heavy OLY” + Bench Press
    2 parts this day as well, will start with 1-2RM-work for Snatch + C&J and then foam and rest for 60min + before Wendler Bench. Metcon will be high intensity and short.
  • Saturday: Front Squats
    Will be done pre CCF-Morning class at 9am.

Tomorrow I plan to do a reversed and intense version of ”Lynne” and some light Box Squats, but will be waiting with til Monday before I put any stress on the lower back when it comes to weights…






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