The Good, the Bad & the Ugly…

28 07 2010

Let’s start with the Good (news):  I beat Jobst in our 3-day Challenge and got another PB today!

Today’s WOD was ”Cindy” and my plan was to keep a 45s per round pace for as long as possible. Kept that until the 12th round and 9th minute when the push ups started to become a factor. Jobst actually got ahead of me in the beginning, but needed to break his pshu’s earlier and as soon as I passed him, I never looked back. Again in retrospect I feel like I didn’t get my max, (might be dellusional though, what you could have done isn’t really ever interesting..), but I definetily had a lot left in the tank when it comes to squats anyway. A little bit disappointed that I didn’t reach my goal of +25 rounds, next time I will!

”Cindy” – AMRAP in 20 min:

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Squats

Chris: 22 Rounds (PB by 3 rounds!)
J-Dawg: 20 Rounds+1 Pull Up (PB by 3 rounds!)

Bonus WOD: ”Within 120sec get a max ground to overhead anyhow!”

Chris: 84kg
J-Dawg: 73 kg

This is where The Ugly comes in!

Not only was my lift at 84kg not too pretty, but also the way I won this was pretty nasty.
We had prepared with a bar of 61kg and a lot of loose weights, up to you how much you want to put on. I decided to just do the 61kg directly to atleast get a number on the board. Jobst was smart and went for 73kg. Since next bumper + already set 61kg would be 70, he obviusly wanted a little margine to my next lift. Obviusly there was no use for me to go for 70 so I decided to go for a win or lose lift of 84kg, wich I got in a lift with about 15sec left of the time. Again Jobst tried to be smart, yeah tried, cause when he then set up for the kill with a lift of my 84 + the smallest extra weights available (0,5kg I think) he accidently left a 4,5kg bumper on one of the sides…
Pretty impressive that he actually almost got the lift if you ask me!

How about The Bad? Yesterday after ”Grace” my back stiffened up badly and last night was probably when it was at it’s worst ever. Got like 10 min of sleep before I had to change position over and over again because of an insane aching.
Decided to take the rest of this week off, I desperatly need it obviusly, and come back stronger then ever next week!

Video might take a while to upload, but I also will be making a full video of our challenge and post it in a while. It has been really fun to ”compete” with J-Dawg and to be totally honest I think a draw would have been more than fair, but that’s only reason to do this soon again! 😉





6 responses

8 08 2010

Just catching up on your blog. I had heard this story from the horse’s mouth but to see it is even better! Damn, the J-man is fallible. Makes me love him all the more! And you might not have looked pretty at 84kg, Chris, but you sure looked strong!

Anyways, love to see you two go head to head. Makes me want to work out harder.

8 08 2010

Haha, thx! Well, whe had a lot of fun! Have a few more videos that I might post as well… 🙂

30 07 2010


awesome blog you have. Have not been on it for a while and got some reading-up to do. I love the video you put together. Great job, man!

Still not have recovered from Cindy. My whole upper body is nothing but sore. And I signed up for a (minor) beach volleyball tourney tomorrow. I guess that is going to be a short one.

Anyways, have a great time in CT and see you soon!


30 07 2010

Hahaha, tell me about it – actually quite glad I decided to rest (even though its boring), my upper body feels like I put it through a meat grinder..
And, you are obv the star of the movie! 😉
With all the good challenge-WODs we did it would be a shame if you didn´t take the volley tournament down, GL!! =)

29 07 2010

Haha tokigt! Håller med, starkt att lyckas vända upp den. Hade han inte glömt den så hade nog tagit hem lyftet.
Bra presterat Chris, då slutade det 3-1, du börjar bli riktigt farlig!

30 07 2010

Hehe, ge mig ett år till DÅ blir jag farlig! 😉


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