Amazing Grace!

27 07 2010

30 Clean & Jerks @ 135lbs/61 kg – 2’55 min!

PB! with over a minute! But ok, let’s chill for a minute. It’s not a world record, it’s not even close to what some of the monsters out there toss this baby around in, (read that Mikko did it in 1’11…), but I’m stoked. Was dreaming for a time of around three minutes but to actually go under it feels awsome!
I might be sticking my head out, but I actually think this might not have been my max. I pretty much kept the same pace going all the way and was just waiting for ”the wall” to show up, but it never came and even though I of course was a bit taxed after, I wasn’t completely dead…

This was the second part of three in mine and Jobst’s challenge and big ups for him aswell, he took his PB down from 5 min to 3’21!
Tomorrow is the last part with a WOD split in to two parts, ”Cindy” and then max
”ground to overhead within 120 sec” directly after. So, if this goes as expected it probably will go down as a draw, (we decided to count points only for winning events, luckily enough after yesterday). I should best Jobst in Cindy, being a lighter guy as well, and his C&J record is way better than mine.
That said, I must remind you of those Fat Ladies! I haven’t got my 20+ rounds yet, Jobst is showing impressive conditioning considering he’s been on a weightlifting programme lately, and what the hell – if there’s ever a time to beat my own expectations, why not tomorrow? 😉

As yesterday I felt like doing a little extra work and went for this:

3 rounds of:

  • 5 HSPU: 3/1/1 with +20cm rom, 3 xtra rom/3 reg, 5 reg
  • 25 Ab-mat Sit Ups: 25, 25, 25

Time: 6’48 min

Not so impressive. Just wanted to work it through wich is the reason I didn’t stick to xtra rom all the way, would have been to time consuming.

3 * 3 Skin the Cat + Front Lever Attempts

Just for mobility and to get a good stretch, the levers are still very unimpressive…

Right now I am a little worried, my left hip/lower back area is aching and stiffening up pretty bad. Same area that was injured before, but I think I feel the difference in this being just really tired muscles compared to the ligaments that was probably stretched last time. Let’s hope it goes away during the night!

PS. Big day at Cape CrossFit today where Roland, Daniel, Anton & Graham all got their first Muscle Ups! Africa is where machines are built…





6 responses

28 07 2010

Thx Boys! 🙂

Kerry: I’m quite impressed my self, haha! And your cleans looked fine, just needed to get those elbows working. Btw, I wasn’t jealous of u guys, it’s called NASTY girls for a reason… 😛

28 07 2010

Awesome, Chris! A full minute off something you did sub-4 last time?!?! Wow! Thanks for the encouragement during my hang cleans in Nasty Girls. I needed it.

28 07 2010

Jag sa ju sub 3min! Imponerande!

28 07 2010

Grattis yogi, Väldigt imponerande!

27 07 2010
Martin Altemark

oj! Sjukt snabbt!

27 07 2010

Thx, jag är väldigt nöjd! =)


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