Chris vs. J-dawg!

26 07 2010

The Challenge has started!

And I took a bad beating in the first round...

Jobst is leaving Cape Town for a few weeks on Wednesday so we decided to do a three day challenge and go face to face on these WOD’s. Needless to say, I need to shape up asap if I don’t want this to end up in a humiliating slaughter!

Today’s WOD and part 1 of the Challenge: ”Amanda”, 9-7-5 of:

  • Muscle Ups
  • 135lbs/61kg Squat Snatches

Jobst: 10’37 min
Chris: 15’15 min

To be fair this was the WOD I expected to get my ass kicked in. Jobst is a strong f*cker and has recently improved both his Snatch and C&J with 10kg or more. His MU is also way better than mine so to be completely honest there are no excuses, the thruth is up there in black and white!
My goal was sub 15 min and I’m actually just pleased with the fact that I’ve gone trough this. Might have done a total of between 5 and 10 snatches with 60kg or more before, ever, so to do 21 in one workout is something I wasn’t even sure was going to be possible. Expected this to be a killer condition wise, but I really focused on not missing any reps, I did not wanna end up like Khalipa missing half the reps while falling all over the playground, (did miss the very second snatch though). No way that I could have gone fast enough with these weights to be that exhausted anyway, it was actually more a strenght question in the end when every rep almost felt like a max from the squat position..

After this defeat I obviusly relized I need to get stronger so I did a little extra work:

  • A. 3 * max L-sit on parallettes, with feet above another parallette, 60s b/t sets: 20s, 10, 11
  • B1. 3 * 6-8 Ring Rows with feet on box @ 31X1 tempo, no rest to B2: 8, 7, 6
  • B2. 3* 6-8 Ring Push Ups, feet on box @ 31X1, ca 30s rest to B1: 8, 7, 6

Legs fried for L-sit, both ring excercises found their purpose and I got quite a pump!

Tomorrow is ”Grace” and even though Jobst is way stronger than me in the C&J as well I think I can give him a fight. My PB is one minute better then his, wich however was before he added 15kg to his 1RM max! But, I need to win and really believe I am possible to do so. The fat lady has not yet started to sing! 😉





4 responses

27 07 2010

Video, please! Looking forward to checking this out. Sorry, I couldn’t be there to see it. Always learn so much watching you compete. Have fun!

27 07 2010

Video is available, I just gotta cut all the challenges into one when we are done on Wednesday!
Yesterday u would’ve learned a hell of a lot more from J-Dawg, but I’m planning on getting my revenge today… 😉

26 07 2010

2:42 imorgon på Grace! Do it!

27 07 2010

Will do sir! Or atleast try.. 😛


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