Mr. 80%

24 07 2010

Quick Post!

Cape CF-WOD!

Thumb swollen and out of flexibility today, but still the butterfly kip worked fine so it didn’t held me back in any way! 🙂

Plan was to go at a 90% pace to get all sets unbroken, but in retrospect I waited too long between excercises in the beginning and my total effort was more like 80ish%. Got everything unbroken and felt very swift, HSPU was better than in a long time and the butterfly worked flawlessly. Did situps ”frogstyle” with an ab-mat and stuck to my plan to do the both 500m rows around 1’45 min.

All in all a very good workout that played a bit on my strengths but I should have gone harder, think sub 12 is very possible and for some bodyweight-monsters out there even a sub 10 might be workable?

This week has been a very sub-maxed one, next week will be totally different though since Jobst is going to be my sparring partner for three Benchmarks Monday to Wednesday!

PS. My time was 14.20 rx’d as you can see above.






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