Wet sand

20 07 2010

10 am, Morning-WOD:

  • Beach Intervals, POSE: 4 ggr 3 min on/2 min off @ 85%
  • 15 min Yoga and Meditation on the rocks
  • 20 min PNF-stretch and ball rolling

I could spend every morning here for the rest of my life...

Today the high waterline drowned the sand and made my run a little longer for each lap, the half circle of the beach bay becomes longer the higher the water stands. This time I really had to walk back to the end of each side when resting, last time it was more of an active rest moving around in circles.
Compared to last week the compact ”hard” sand had been transformed into the sinking version wich of course is more taxing to run in, but also more fun!
Second round I pushed it too hard and it was probably more like 90%. I do have a plan with these beach runs, in a couple of weeks I will try to go for five rounds at +90%. Building it up slowly though…






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