My weaknesses…

20 07 2010

Well, if I would write down a list of them it would take me all night and probably longer…

Instead, here’s what I did today in the gym, wich funny enough worked a few of them!

15.00 Yogaman’s pm-WOD

  • Warm Up: Modified version of Dutch Lowy WU + Burgener WU
  • Technique – On ze minute, 10 rds of: 1 Clean + 1 Hang Clean + 1 Push Press @ 70kg
    (video coming up tomorrow)
  • Strength – 5 rds of: 3 Snatch Balance @ 52kg, rest 90s b/t rds. (video)

Rest 30 min! Foamrolling and stuff…

  • Metcon – 2 rounds of: (video)
    – 16 KB-Snatches (8 each arm) @ 24 kg
    -200m Run carrying 2*18kg Weight vests
    -10 Burpees
    -3 min rest
    Time: 2’26 & 2’26 min

Started with working on getting more aggresive with the second pull in the clean. Felt ok, but still need to work higher weights I guess. Then I moved to Snatch Balances. Dr. Dave think I need to work that part and right he was, as you will see when the video comes up… 😉
As for the metcon, the FitAsF*ck-Challenge that I’m entering in the end of September already had an online poll for the second workout and this one won. It will however be a little different and with a 32kg kettlebell, but today I just wanted to have a feel for it. Pretty sick that I got exactly the same time on both rounds though. Next week I’m planning on doing this 3 rounds without rest and with the rx’d weight, gah!

Internet here is as stone age as my paleo diet so I will let the two movies upload to Youtube during the night and post them tomorrow.
Diet by the way, here’s a CrossFitDave inspired note!

Today’s Diet, (approx. quantities) :
Beach Running, Yoga, Stretching – Total 60min
11.15 8 egg Scrambled with, 1 tbs Sambal Oelek, 100g Cherry Tomatoes & 3 Carrots
14.00 100g  Biltong*, 75g Mixed Nuts
15.00 pm-WOD p.1
16.15 20g Whey/Casein mix
16.45 pm-WOD p.2
17.00 1 apple and 40g Whey/Casein
19.30 Braai: 2 glass of red wine (Cafe Culture obv), 400g Grassfed Beef*, Salad: 1 avo, 1 red pepper, 100g green salad
22.00 50g Mixed Nuts

*We have a butcher who breeds grassfed beef and some game, but the best part is that he delivers to the gym and it tastes, F*cking awsome!!





2 responses

20 07 2010
Martin Altemark

Braj? 🙂

20 07 2010

Hahaha! Exakt vad jag undrade första ggn oxå, det är Afrikaans för Grilla. Sydafrikanerna är sjukt stolta över sin Braai-kultur… 🙂


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