Rowing with Rika

16 07 2010

Wanna get more efficient in your rowing? Why not get help from an Olympic Rower!

8 am – Rowing with Rika

I was hoping this was gonna be a session with focuse on getting the technique right and didn’t want go to max effortwise. Fortunately enough, that was excactly what Rika had planned!
We went true all the different parts of the rowing and I got a couple of really good excercises to use to get better in the starting position, the finish and the recovery. Think this is gonna help me a lot! 🙂

10.45 am (Video below).

Technique & Strength – 5 rounds with 30 sec between excercises:
– 5 Power Cleans @ 61kg
– 5 Hand Stand Push Ups, + 20cm extra ROM

Sticking with light weights, but I’m just happy that I now actually can pick them up from the ground without my back hurting. Only a few weeks ago that wasn’t possible.

In the cleans focus was on  keeping the right back angle, getting the weight to the right ”explosion-position” and getting every rep just as good as possible. I tend to not fully extend my hip and jump a little forward.
Did more of ”touch n’ go-reps” after the first round, wich ended up with me throwing the bar off the platform! Hookgrip is adviced…
I’ve lost some strength in HSPU lately so I wasn’t surprised I had to break them up after the first round. Last two rds was only singles.

Metcon – 3 rounds for time:
– 10 KB-Snatches (5 left/5 right) @ 16kg
– 10 GHD Sit Ups
Total Time: 3’03 min

Was running short on time due to an appointment with my Chiro. First time I’ve tried snatches with KB. Light weight, but felt good!

Video Time:

When it comes to music I listen to right about everything. Some people might be glad there’s a mute button… 😉





2 responses

17 07 2010

Vem använder muteknappen? Det här var ju bra ju!

Jag tycker fortfarande det ser ut som du ”skuttar” upp cleansen, kan iof bero på kameravinkeln. Bättre att filma snett framifrån vid OL!

17 07 2010

Hehe, smaken är som baken och jag har en stor aptit när det kommer till musik! 😉
Hmm, jo jag tyckte nog jag skuttade oxå men ska prova att göra som du säger med kameran nästa vecka!


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