I’ve been thinking…

15 07 2010

Looking for balance...

If I ever gonna redeem my self in my own eyes and become what I want to be, I really need to re-build. Re-build my focus, my plan and my mindset…

Yesterday was great, dinner was perfect and the bar hang after was fun as well. But, if a bottle of redwine and an Amarula shot leaves me trashed the morning after? Maybe that shouldn’t be a part of my diet.. Don’t get me wrong, I really like being social and hanging out with my friends, I just don’t have to drink to enjoy it. Especially not two days in a row.

I claim to do CrossFit because I love it and only to be as good as I could ever be, not compairing my self to others, wich we all of course do anyway. I love training, it’s my absolute favourite time of the day and I hate rest days. I want to give my self the best environment possible to become as fit as I could ever be. But then I also have to relize that I don’t handle alcohol very well.
Not that I freak out too much, (at least not since I stopped drinking anything stronger then wine ;)), but obviously if it makes me sick the day after and  forces me to take another unplanned rest day then I’m not following my own lead. Besides, now I missed out on the trip to the wineries. Think I would have been better off ”saving” my drinking for that.

That said, I think that a couple days of rest only been good to my body and I plan to head up on the mountain later today for a light trail run.

I need to start walking the walk and not only doing the talk.






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