Change of plans.

15 07 2010

Decided not to rest today.

At first I planned to do a little bit of trail running, but then I accidently saw today’s WOD @ Cape CrossFit, and felt that it was perfect as a little lighter load before the weekend that’s gonna be stuffed!

17.30 Cape CrossFit Workout of the Day

Strength  -Rope Climbs, 4 m.
Started with warm up rounds and then did a few ”L-sit Climbs”. Felt easy!

Metcon – As quickly as you can, perform 3 rounds of:

  • 10m wheel barrow walk
  • 10 box jumps 60/40cm
  • 10m resistance sprint
  • 10 dynamic hip bridges

Time: 2’25 min.

Paired up with Graham who got the honour to start. He only been a CrossFitter for 2 months and impressed with his 2’49 time, well done!
My round started off very fast and I thought I was gonna have a chance to go under 2 min. But, the Sprints took their toll as always and last wheel barrow was a little slow. Good tempo on the Box with only a few correction breaks…

Soon off to bed, early rowing session with Rika tomorrow. Then after breakfast time for snatch technique, strength and maybe a fun looking metcon. Saturday will be CCF-WOD and Sunday it’s time for hiking!





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