It started with a sunny morning…

14 07 2010

…and ended up in a karaoke bar!?

Camps Bay Beach


10.15 – POSE Technique/recovery run: 5 * 3 min on @ 75-80%/2 min off.
Felt awsome!  A High water line made the sand a little harder and I felt fully recovered after each run.

10.30 – 15 min Yoga and Meditation.
To spend time on a cliff by the sea, contemplating on how to be the best I can be in every aspect, is how I want to and try to start every day…

10.45 – 30 min of Stretching and Ball Rolling.
I really need to be more flexible so this I do every morning, well almost every morning


Warm Up – Dutch Lowy WU + ”Mini Flight Simulator”: 1’49min (video coming soon)
Obviusly I did the Sim only cause CrossFitDave seems to put it in every workout, just wanted to see if I could beat you in one thing at least… 😉

Technique Training – ”On ze minute” * 10: 3 Hang Power Clean + 1 Jerk @ 52 kg
Focus on finding the right position for every pull and to get faster with wrapping my elbows under that bar. Felt pretty good!

Metcon – 5 rounds of ”Fat Cindy”: 4’36 min, 5 min rest, 5 rounds of ”Cindy”: 3’44 min (video coming soon)
1 round of Cindy, ”Fat” done with a 18kg weight vest:
-5 Pull Ups
-10Push Ups
-15 Squats

Had to give Dave a chance to spank me back, being the bodyweight monster he is, so here’s a challenge for you! 🙂
Was hoping for a little faster time but didn’t seem to find the flow with the pull ups, (not an excuse, just saying!). And yeah, the push ups smoked me…

Extra curricular activities:

Since it’s only a few days left before Dutch is leaving, Anton thought Karaoke would be a good idea. It was, too bad Anton didn’t show up though! 😉
Anyways, me, Dutch and Wayne gladly paid a fee to get into an empty karaoke bar around 9pm. A few hours and a few drinks later the place was packed!
Don’t think it was because of our performance though. I set Dutch up to do ”You’ve lost that loving feeling” with me and let’s just say that we both knew what the announcer meant when he said ”Oh, btw this is a sh*tty version..” when we were about to start. We sucked, big time…

But, a few drinks later and with a bigger crowd Wayne let Dutch redeem him self when they both starred in an impossible to forget version of ”Buttercup”!

Iphone pic...

I had tons of fun and it didn’t get too late, I didn’t have too many drinks, but still I was knocked out this morning. Obviously missed the rowing session with Rika, who nicely enough let me re-arrange til Friday instead. Otherwise it would have ended up with me meeting mr Pukie, 100%…





2 responses

15 07 2010

Hehehe, Cindyrundorna är väl ändå mer ditt territorium? 🙂

14 07 2010

Haha, ska vi inte ta en tävling i bänkpress och deadlift när vi ändå är igång? 😉


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