Hiking in Gorilla feet?

12 07 2010

I got the Q from CrossFitDave , (and basically every person I have hiked with when wearing my FiveFingers):

How does it feel to hike in those!?

All I ever see, is just another lemon tree...

Let me start by saying that I’ve totally swallowed all the propaganda for barefoot running. The shoe industry with Nike and other brands are the Devil to our human bodies. So even though this might seem like an ad for Vibram, it’s not.

That said, I still wear my Nike-tights on almost every workout. Much to Rolands dislike when I forget to bring shorts… 😉

I got my Vibram Five Fingers, KSO about two months ago and wear them for just about every workout. Heavy olympic lifts, running on the beach (obviusly listening to the Baywatch soundtrack), or just skipping a rope can and should all be done barefoot if you ask me. Now, I still don’t wanna cut my precious feet on glass on the beach or get whipped by the jumprope wich hurt like hell. You could call me a fragile little princess and you would probably be right, but that’s the way I roll…

All the positive promotion for barefoot running and POSE running in particular makes total sense to me. We are built to run on the front of our feet and it will save both energy and our precious knees not to take the impact of every step with a fully extended leg. Also, walking/running without shoes does strengthen all the small muscles in the foot and I for one really feel that my balance has gotten much better since I started working out in a naked feet kind of fashion!

When it comes to hiking, I must admit I was a little sceptical before I tried. I mean the princess in me thought, ”There are rocks out there and man they look sharp..”
But, my coach Roland told me he did the five days of hiking on The Otter Trail, (said to be one of the most beautiful hikes in South Africa) in his Sprint version, so atleast I should be able to do a few hours in mine?
The first time I tried was last Sunday when we did a 3-hour hike up and down to the reservoirs on Table Mountain from the Constantia Neck side and it was great! You feel so free and if there’s a rock to climb or a scramble wall turning up that you just have to try out, (there are a lot of those), you will be so happy you don’t wear clumsy ”running” shoes weighing a ton and impossible to get in to smaller cracks. Even ”running” down the path on the way down was awsome.
After that first try my calves however was toasted for almost a full week, but that showed up to be a result of the two months break from hiking my back forced me in to.

Yesterday’s hike was colder, 8°C when we started out, and through some small waterfalls and such and still I didn’t feel my feet being cold. The grip gets better in water since the small ”riffles” under the sole almost sucks you to the stone.
There was some more loose stones and pointy such along the way down, but they say that we have triggerpoints under our feet that will loosen up the entire body. Trust me I felt everyone of those on the sharp rocks and even though it’s a little painful in the beginning you adapt fast and today I feel nothing at all except for a much more relaxed body actually!

At the end of the day, I really love my Gorilla Feet and after a quicky in the washing machine yesterday they now are ready to be used for max attempts in olympic lifting and the Cape CrossFit Fight Gone Bad-challenge tonight!





4 responses

14 07 2010

Yes, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease bring your shorts! *dazed*

14 07 2010

Hahaha! 😀

12 07 2010

Grymt då fickjag svar på min fråga, hade hikat med dem om jag inte hade pajjat foten när jag var där. Förresten, hur var det med det där om korta inlägg? 😉

12 07 2010

Not gonna happen… 😉
Nä men ibland är det kul att skriva!


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