Weight Lifting Clinic

10 07 2010

When you are sick you go to the doctor, right?

Seminar with Dutch Lowy @ Cape CrossFit today!

So when you want to fix your Olympic Lifting, you obviously gonna go to the guy who is one of the best weight lifting doctors/coaches out there!

We started out with a little discussions about training intensity etc. before we started to go through the lifts. The first one up was the Snatch and since I’m new to this game, every improved part of my technique makes a huge different. I actually been lucky enough to have Dutch around for a couple of sessions the last week and have learned a lot about the right positioning to get the most out of the lifts and while working in groups of 2 & 4 today, I think the most things fell into place. Still a long way to go though ofcourse!
Slowly went up to a few lifts of 52kg, but it was all focused on technique…

For the Clean & Jerk we basicly just transfered the right positioning and got going a little heavier immediately. Most of all I am very happy that my lower back didn’t hurt at all and even though I’m still stiff like an old lady I managed to hit 93kg with a pretty ugly lift, but quite easy.

I put a few Goals up on the board at the gym to be done by the end of July and today they actually feel a little more possible:

  • Snatch: 75kg (bw)
  • Clean & Jerk: 100kg
  • Strict Muscle Up (done by June 25th)
  • 500m row: sub 1’30 min

My main focus right now is to increase my work capacity and get back doing lifts I haven’t been able to do, due to my back, for a while. But still, I really wan’t to get these goals done!
To do so I’m starting a new own programming on Tuesday, Monday is ”Fight Gone Bad”-Challenge at Cape CF, and on Wednesday morning I have a ”rowing technique meeting” with Rika who is aiming for the Olympics 2012 and isn’t only a sick rowing athlete, (she did a rowing marathon a while ago in just over 3 hours…), but also a very good CrossFit athlete. Looking forward for that, kind of… 😉

After the seminar today I had this week cheat meal. Trying to be pretty strict Paleo in my diet but I have to have chocolate at least once a week to survive. At Buzz everybody ate pretty carbless food, except for me who had a Smoothie containing dark chocolate, hazelnuts & chocolate ice cream as a starter and Flap Jacks soaked in chocolate sauce, hazelnutcrunch & bananas for main course. Needless to say, I now feel sick and are going to sleep right now with a huge sugar coma…






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