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9 07 2010


Down, but never out...

Six months ago I decided that this blog was just another one of my demons that I didn’t need at that time and put it in the freezer. I still fight some of my demons every day and have probably added some new ones along the way to lose them all in the end. But, now I actually feel that I could use the inspiration writing gives me in my daily training and also as an positive output for all of my strange thought and ideas…

Six months has past and I have spent every one of them in the wonderful city of Cape Town, South Africa. If you haven’t lived under a rock for the last month you probably know that SA is hosting the Soccer World Cup right now and Wow(!), has that been some kind of party!
Before everybody, including the South Africans them self, was not so sure about putting it in ”one of the most dangerous countrys in the world”. But, fortunetaly enough, it has all just been a great event and I for one has enjoyed every minute of it. Maybe even a little to much if you consider the amount of beer and wine that has accompanied for the games…

As you might guess however, training is still a big part of my life and you could even say it’s the one biggest interest I have right now. Girls will always be the no 1. interest ofcourse, and not even my new ”PB” when it comes to time away from the warmth of a woman will change that. Eh, did I get out of line again? Don’t worry, it wasn’t the first nor the last time that will happen here.

Anyway, a lot of training has been going on these six months. Because of my own stupidity even a little too much. I was calculating on getting overtrained with my high volume programme, just didn’t expect my lower back too take a vacation for the last two months wich now is the case. Well, it is getting better and since it forced me to cut down on my training I have been working with Roland @ Cape CrossFit as my coach and that has been great!
We have worked a lot on my non-existing flexibilty and also quite some time has been spent on getting my olympic lifts together, the snatch in particular.

That may actually come in handy tomorrow when the famous Dutch Lowy is in charge of a ”Weight lifting clinic” at Cape CrossFit! Dutch has been travelling SA for the last couple of weeks watching the soccer games and we both got the debatable pleasure of seeing Argentina get their asses kicked out with the 4-0 defeat against ze Germans. Totally well deserved, but as you can see in the picture below none of us was too happy about that…


Yogaman & Dutch at the World Cup Q-final in Cape Town!

Hmmm, I made up a few rules about my blog from now on by the way:

  1. Don’t let it be too time consuming, i.o.w. cut down on the lenght of the posts!
    Obviously not happening with this ”comeback post”…
  2. Don’t whine! Excuses doesn’t make me stronger so for everytime I use one to explain why I wasn’t fast enough or strong enough for a wod I have to do 10 burpees…
  3. It’s gonna be in english. Not all of my friends speak Swedish and if you don’t speak English? Get a dictionary or get out, we are living in the 21st century you know…
    Obviously my English isn’t perfect, and if you don’t like that? Do as the no-english-speaking swedes… 😉

    Edit: That said, comments ofcourse will be answered in Swedish aswell! 🙂


I have also updated my PB-list and that’s where all my huge improvements will end up, cause improvements I need. Somehow I decided to sign up for some competition in Denmark and even though there is gonna be a lot of athletes there who probably will kick my a## any given Sunday my personal goal for that is to be as good as I can ever be. I don’t really care about how much faster or stronger anyone else are doing something compared to me. I really just wan’t to feel that I am performing at the absolute top of my own ability. And just to let you know that I actually am working out to get there, here’s what I have done this week!

Monday 20100705, 13.30:
Technique work Snatch up to a few reps on 43kg
-Metcon – 6 min amrap, 2 first rounds with 18kg weight vest(!):

  • 6 CTB Pull Ups
  • 6 Ring Dips
  • 6 Sit Ups
    4 rounds, 6 CTB, 6 RD, 5 SU

I was soooo close to get my self a few burpees right now, let’s just state the fact that the vest added some ”fun”…

Tuesday 20100706, 16.00:
-Strength – Split Jerks to 1 rm attempt:
61kg/6, 70/4,
83/2, 92/1, 101/1, 105/F!

  • 31-25-19 Split Jerks @ 43 kg
  • 10m resistance sprint (1 extra round for every break on the Jerks)
  • 19-25-31 Split Jumps (one rep is actually two jumps…)
  • 10m Med-ball carry lunges @ 6k (1 extra round per break on jumps)
    Time: 16’30 min

OK, I’ll take those damn burpees! Roland is a heavy @#%Y#@ when you trying to do resistance sprints…

Wednesday 20100707, 9.00 (am):
Muscle Up progressions and 2 failed strict MU’s (actually got it twice before so a little disappointing) + Hand Stands
Metcon – 3 rounds for time:

  • 20m Bear Crawl
  • 20m Carry 2 * 18kg weight vests
  • 20 Pull Ups
  • 20 Elevated Push Ups + ca 20cm ROM
  • 20 Double Unders
    Time: 9’10 min

Didn’t expect to have to break the PU but did so after the first round. The butterfly was ok and even though my superhero powers usually don’t kick in until after lunch I got trough it, so I’m happy! (The new and improved me sees all the good with the bad, hence no burpees god dang it!).

Friday 20100709, 9.00:
A lot of mobility work + different ring exercises

  • 200m Carry 2 * 20kg Bumper
  • 10 Burpees on top of every minute, start the workout with 10!
    Time: 6’58 min (with 3 reps discount on the last round of burpees to even get me started..).

This was weird. First round was sooo easy and I ”sprinted through the 10m rounds of carry 8 times (80m that is). Second round I got 60m, third ZERO!
Just died and struggled to even manage my 10 burpeed within the minute for 2 or 3 rounds and then I got 20m somewhere in there and then got stuck again. When I wasn’t moving at all I got the discount and ramped them out and trust me, if I had 10s left for the carry I would still have finished those 40m that I did. No more burpees, ever…


Well, I asked Roland for longer metcons to improve my work capacity and I got it. If you ask my glutes and quads how they feel now, three days after the Tuesday wod, they would still be crying: Why? Oh God, whyyyy!?





16 responses

9 07 2010

Fan va kul att du är back in business! Kommer till stockholm 21/8, PT skolan börjar då så hoppas du är i stan! Kommer börja blogga för nu btw, så är du sugen på lite disco-inspiration vet du var det finns ;).

Peace and love
/Wingman Goose

10 07 2010

Goose! That´s fecking awsome! Jag ska förhöra dig varje dag, över ett glas pinotage då så klart!
Fitnessplay är grymt, rockhard poses or nothing! 😉


9 07 2010


Välkommen tillbaka. Du har varit väldigt saknad. Hoppas allt är väl och lämna oss inte igen.


10 07 2010

Dude, det värmer! Mot Danmark va? Då får du får lära mig några HEAD stand pshu, alltid varit sugen på att bryta nacken… 😉

9 07 2010

Gud så trevligt att ha dig tillbaka!
Yoggi är ju trots allt den största orsaken till att jag hamnade i CF-träsket för ungefär ett år sedan. Visst skulle vi köra ”Mikko” tillsammans nu i sommar?

9 07 2010

Thx! Men vad tänkte jag när jag drog in det största roddmonstret på den här sidan Atlanten i CF-världen? 😉
Och, JAPP! Jag håller så sakteliga på att planera min hemresa så förhoppningsvis inom kort. Dessutom räknar jag med ett par gemensamma besök i hinderbanan!

9 07 2010
Martin Altemark

Säg hej till Dutch! Han har programmerat mig i 9 veckor nu.

9 07 2010

I know, Jobst som driver Cape CG är oxå en av Dutch´s lärjungar så jag brukar jämföra era siffror! 😉
Hälsningen är på väg!

9 07 2010
Martin Altemark

Hälsa Jobst också dårå!

9 07 2010

Will do! =)

9 07 2010

Fantastiskt, dagen som jag aldrig trodde skulle komma är här 🙂

9 07 2010

När du minst anar det, plötsligt händer det osv… 🙂

9 07 2010
Petit Frère


I knew updating this site 2 times a day for the past 6 months would make a difference, eventually… 😉

9 07 2010

It did! Wondered who it was, but know I know. 😉
Tack min vandrade målarburk till bror, support is always good! =)

9 07 2010

Welcome back in da Bloggosfär:)

9 07 2010

Thx! Let´s hope my motivation sticks around this time..
And, cya in Denmark if not before! 😀


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