UWS 2012

20 10 2012

”The most important thing in life is to be your self. 
Unless you can be Batman.
Always be Batman.”

CCF Super Heroes

Long time, no see. In lack of any training at all from my part lately, I thought I’d do a little bit of a wrap up from last weekends crazy fun team competition in Durban instead. Here it goes.

The second annual ”United We Stand Games” was pretty much as cool as a competition can get!
Held inside a the huge Gateway Mall in Umhlanga, Durban, with two floors of spectators surrounding the entire competition field during the workouts, it all felt like we were gladiators battling it out on the sandy floors of Colosseum. The vibe was, simply put, pure electric.
Well planned events that ran smoothly throughout the weekend, somewhere around 200 hungry athletes that dropped weights, screamed out frustration, sometimes fell on there backs, or as in Catwoman’s case decided to head butt the pull up bar on her first pull up. We all shared fist bumps and protein shakes a like, while the other teams obviously stared at Cape CrossFit Super Heroe’s costumes with jealousy, and I am pretty sure that each and every single one walked away from the biggest CrossFit event in Africa so far with a huge smile on their face. Ok, ”walked away” may be an exaggeration, as most of us were probably hobbling around on insanely sore muscles, as it should be after these gatherings.

Team CCF Superheroes smiled as well, even though the bitterness of ending up just outside of the podium was quite hard to swallow for a short while. But let’s start from the beginning.

It all started out with one of the coolest events I have done in a CrossFit competition to date: ”Each team will get a Gum pole and have to transport it from the start to finish as fast as possible. However, the teams will not know the finish line until they see it!”
Prepared for the unprepared, real life fitness, call it what you want, I call it fucking awesome!
In total it turned out to be about 3-3.5km of running throughout the sugar cane fields on winding, muddy trails that always seemed to take a detour from where one would expect the finish line to be. We all pushed as hard as we dared without knowing how much further we had to go, and in the end more than one athlete seemed quite exhausted after the approximately 25 minutes of running.

”The Dark Knight should do a what? A ‘Thruster’!? B#tches be crazy..”

When the competition continued in the shopping mall, CCF Super Heroes finally got to sport their uniforms and despite the fear of suffocating in the masks, we had a decent showing and all the guys performed well. Even though Batman, being half blind and completely deaf within the mask, counted the weights wrong for the ”Max thruster”-event, which may or may not have cost us a few kg’s here and there.
For the next event, the final one for the Saturday, the 20 min amrap of Deadlifts, Ballslams, Box Jumps, Kettle Bell Swings & Pull Ups, we once again did well and finished the day in 3rd place in total.

At night we obviously had to follow same procedure as last year and went to a steak house where the biggest meal they had on the menu was 1.5kg of different cuts of meat. Felt like a starter for Batman since he had to share some with Catwoman and Hulkess, but goes without saying that one or two glasses of wine still raised the level of contentness, and he slept like a Batbaby throughout the night.

Next morning, the first event was one where we knew we could do well. Max Double Unders and Over Head Walking Lunges should fit our fairly high level of skill and we did as well as we hoped and stayed in the top three.
Event 5 on the other hand turned out to be a nightmare. Rower that ”broke” after a few hundred meters out of the 3k that needed to be covered, girls that struggled more than expected with the weightlifting complex and then a judge that had no flipping clue how to count to 10, let alone 20, kind of left us a bit frustrated after a fairly poor showing.
Never mind, we already knew that we should sit in contention for the podium as the final 10 teams was allowed to do the sixth event and quickly shook the miscalculated score out of our minds to go in and crush the final!

We actually did ”exercise” between dressing up.

Unfortunately that didn’t happen at all. In an event that was scored in three different parts we finished somewhere around 7, 8, 7 and the 3rd place flew out the window.

As coach of the Team I could however not be anything but super proud. My goal was top 10 with top 5 as a dream finish. Each and everyone outperformed them self and the three teams that beat us where damn strong. Going into the competitive season I can’t wait to get to work with our athletes to take up the fight for the title of the strongest gym in the country. I am positive that if we put everything we got into it, we can really be up there on the top spot if we want to!

The after party at Joe Cool’s, (really?), was also a lot of fun, even though Durban people are pretty lame. Lame only because they apparently don’t drink Corona. Batman had to drown his sorrows with some other shitty beer.
Tons of CrossFitters walking like senior citizens, some even trying to dance in spite of the none working legs, too many tequilas, lies about who can bench press the most, Gungnam style dancing with Japanese tourists, the mandatory girl misunderstands boy argument and boy then obviously sleeping on the floor situation, and everything else that makes a CrossFit Competition After Party everything that a ball at the castle never could be…

Until next time Durban, hope you are as excited about our next rendez-vous as I am!

”Tell me again why I can’t sleep in the bed?”


Fran 2’17!

3 10 2012

”Today’s moves reveal tomorrow’s results.”

– Robin Sharma –

Today’s happy moment! Well, about 30 minutes later anyway.

A. Snatch Balance 1RM
60, 70, 80, 90, 100/PB, 105kg/PB (+10kg!), 110/f

110/f, 110, 120/f (jerk)

C. Power Clean, Heavy Single
70, 90, 100, 110

4h rest

D. ”Fran”, 21-15-9

  • Thrusters 43kg
  • Pull Ups

Time: 2’17min, PB (-10s).

Stoked obviously. First of all my banged up wrist and shoulder still felt strong during the Snatch Balances, need to work on catching it lower, still good improvement. Shoulders gone for OHS however.

Fran was giving me anxiety for a few hours before I clear my head and managed to understand it was just a question of hardening the f#ck up. Tried to go as fast as I possibly can, happy with the time. But, how the hell does one get sub 2 mins? Sure, I can clean up my pull ups a bit but that’s almost it?

Anyway, patterns repeat them self. I am happy, inspired, motivated and hungry for success by life being pretty damn good at the moment. Small moments of good stuff almost every day makes me well balanced. Small achievements, also almost every day, makes me impatient for more. And, victories in the eyes of my athletes inspires me as well. Maybe this truly is the road I should be travelling..?


Stupid & weak, but fairly fast..

2 10 2012

”The way you do one thing defines the way you’ll do everything. Every act matters.”

Monday, let’s not even talk about it…



A. Heavy Single Clean,  2*1@90%
80/3, 100/2, 110/1, 130(!)/f+f, 120/f+f, 110, 110

B. Clean Pulls, 3*3

4h later

C. 800m run for time:
2’21.3min PB! (-6s)

D1. 3*10 Strict TTB
D2. 3*10 Back Extensions

Yesterday was a pathetic day, aborted right about everything I tried. Including a 500m row with about 120m to go..

Today, I felt strong. So strong that I apparently thought it was a great idea to jump straight from 110kg to 130 in the Clean, (obviously miscalculated the weights). Funny enough, it didn’t feel heavy from the ground and I kind of had the first attempt on my shoulder, left elbow was way to slow to make it ”close” though.

800m run was great, started into the wind and even though I planned to pace the first 430m or so, I was at that mark already after about 1’12min, did my best to keep the speed all the way in. Obviously very satisfied with the time.

Hoping that my lack of motivation to push is gone with the afternoons session so I can produce some good stuff tomorrow again.

I’m definitely motivated enough for the long weekend in Durban next week! Almost more so for the first couple of days which are planned to be almost like a vacation and filled with fun stuff. Yeah, yeah, the competition it self will probably be fun too..


It’s been a week of PB’s!

30 09 2012

”If you’re not failing regularly, you’re definitely not making much progress.”

”Push the envelope. Play out on the edges! Pursue immortality!”

– Robin Sharma –

Gonna try to keep this re-cap of last week short, and start backwards, here are yesterday’s numbers:

A. Snatch, Heavy Single*:
50/3, 60/2, 70/1, 75, 80, 84, 90, 95/F, 95kg/1 PB! (+4kg)

95kg Fail, almost took my calves out..

95kg PB! Walking around for a living.

B. Clean & Jerk, Heavy Single*:
70/2, 90/1, 100, 110, 120, 127kg/1 PB! (+4.5kg) PB Clean, Jerk and C&J!!

127kg PB! Banana back..

C. Front Squat, Heavy Single:
120/1, 140, 160/F

D. ”Grace” – 30 C&J @ 61kg For Time:
1’52min PB! (-29s).

Sick day, obviously very stoked! Coach Jean gave me a new cue that worked so well for me: think to activate your quads from the bottom setup like a squat!
I have usually only thought ”keep your chest up”, and everything has been coming from the back, felt insanely much stronger from the ground this way!
Need to work a little more Snatch Balance in to my program to stabilize the landing however.
Grace was an expected PB, 21 unbroken reps is ok, aiming for the entire 30 around new years. Way more taxing than the 2’21 I had two months ago.

What makes me even happier about the above PB’s is the fact that last week has been very heavy in volume. Every day has involved either a max or repeated 80% lifts in the Snatch, C&J and some version of Squats. In the cycle I’m following it even states *if your heavy single is below 85%… Meaning coach Greg probably expected early fails at this point.

Instead of detailing entire week, here are the other PB’s I got:

  • Hang Snatch 2RM: 82.5kg
  • Hang Clean 2RM: 112kg (with jerk and drop in between)
  • Push Jerk 1RM: 112kg
  • 30 Muscle Ups: 5’20min (-35s)
  • Run a mile, 1609m: 6’03 (-6s)

Most happy with the mile, first I was annoyed about missing out on the sub 6 mins, but then I realized my old PB was 18 months and about 7-8kgs ago..

Nothing is ever perfect, I do believe a lot of my current improvement comes from a feeling of goodness I probably haven’t experienced before. At the same time there are, as always, things that makes me doubt if it’s sustainable, if it’s for real, and if I am fooling my self..

Also need to be more thorough with nutrition and sleep, probably averaged 6-7h last week, which is way to little for me.


A few PB’s and a crazy Naval Obstacle Course!

24 09 2012

”What’s the point of being successful to the world but unsuccessful to yourself?”

– Robin Sharma –

Friday 3pm

A. Heavy Single Back Squat:
100/5, 120/3, 140/2, 160/1, 170/1, 180kg/1 PB! (+5kg)

Today, Monday

A. Snatch EMOM5, 1@80%

B. Snatch Pull, 3*3@90%

C. Power Clean & Jerk EMOM3, 1@80%

D. Front Squat, 3*2@80%

E. ”Cindy” – Amrap 20 min:

  • 5 Pull Ups
  • 10 Push Ups
  • 15 Squats

Score: 26 Rounds.

As one can see in the video, the 180kg Squat wasn’t exactly easy. However, considering the entire last week was something of a mess, shoulder not happy with right about anything, and I had a one hour deep tissue massage a couple of hours earlier, I am happy to set a small PB!

Shoulder a bit better today, until I started with the push ups in Cindy. No surprise that I had no real power on the left side, almost gave up after 10 rounds but glad I didn’t. Find some new strength last 8 rounds or so and managed to do almost all of them in only two sets on the pshu. The rest fairly easy, even though I am guessing the near 400 air squats will be felt tomorrow.

In between these two sessions, Saturday was a day outside of anybody’s comfort zone for sure. The Naval Obstacle Course in Simonstown was so much fun! That said, the approx. 14 degree ”warm” water and the prospect of swimming with the sharks was not so appealing when we rocked up. About 15 of us or so managed however to show ourselves more than anybody else that one can do whatever one sets his minds to.

3 rounds with 100-200m of swimming, 3 different ways of getting over the 7m high obstacle and a very short, but welcome, running path on dry land was a handful for most of us. The ropes and cargo nets on the obstacle provided little challenge for me, but were so much fun, the swim was a completely different matter however. As expected.
After the first round of going all the way to the pole about 135m out, as prescribed, I knew there was no way I would finish three rounds in time if I tried that stunt again. Completely different thing to swim in the ocean, the scaled down trip of about 100m per round was plenty enough to make me swallow a few litres of salt water and probably a sea lion or two in the just sub 17 minutes it took me.

Weirdly enough, even though the first round almost knocked me out in chock, I wasn’t that cold afterwards. That said, the 2 T-bones and ”few” Coronas later on at the braai at the Martin’s house was more than welcomed!

All in all a fantastic day that I hope to re-do sometime soon.


Under recovered and stupid

17 09 2012

”The discomfort of change is always better than the heartbreak of complacency.”

– Robin Sharma –

In the morning:

Pathetic attempts at max lifts. Power Snatch 80kg, Jerk 110kg etc. Shoulder very busted.

In the afternoon:

A. 5 Rounds for speed, start every 5th min:

  • 7 Box Jumps, 80cm
  • 200m Row

54s, 51, 51, 56*, 51

B1. 3*10 Strict TTB (45s)

B2. 3*10 Back Extensions (45s)

Last two weeks I have neglected sleep and nutrition. Not severely but bad enough to not be able to handle such a high volume as this cycle is demanding. Stupid.

Today I decided to do touch and go box jumps on a fairly high box. Stupid. Or at least my shin thinks so after the miss on the 4th round..

I always get miserable when training is going like shit, especially when I know I am the cause of it. Stupid perhaps. But that’s the way I am. Good eating today and early night hopefully puts me back where I wanna be tomorrow. No shoulder work this week though…



125kg Clean

15 09 2012

”The respect you show to others tells us the respect you show to yourself. Seriously.”

– Robin Sharma –

A. Clean 1RM
60/3, 80/3, 90/2, 100/1, 110, 115, 120, 125 PB! (+2.5kg), 130/F+F

B. For Time, 21-15-9:

  • Wall Balls, 20lbs
  • Toes To Bar

Time: 2’49min

Good day. Shoulder is banged up so trying to avoid to aggrevate it too much. Clean felt ok, right elbow doesn’t really turn around but nothing a little high hang PC can’t fix next week.

Wod was from Mackie’s programming for CF Falun, just wanted to take the advantage of doing a wod I knew I would do good in. Unbroken and fairly high speed throughout. Single kiped last 3 reps, still don’t think much more than 10-20s is possible to shed here.

Why does most conflicts happen due to miscommunication? Especially between people who actually are great together? It’s just f#cking stupid, feel(!), listen, act, ask questions when insecure and have all you want in most situations. Mostely notes to self here..


Strong AND Conditioned..?

11 09 2012

”Procrastination is the great stealer of dreams.”

– Robin Sharma –

A. 3RM Clean + 2*3@90%:
115kg 3RM PB! (+5kg), +2*3@103.5kg

B. ”3RM” Clean Pull from risers (+6cm) + 2*3@90%:
125kg (+5 fr last week), +2*3@114kg

C. Clean Segment Pull from risers, 3*3@90kg

D. 3RM Bent Over Row, +2*3@90%:
115kg (+5kg fr last week), +2*3@103.5kg

3h rest

E. Run, 3 min@90%/3 min rest:
Distance: 850m, 840, 840

Good stuff today!
Cleans felt fast and fairly light, heavy in the bottom of the last but that’s to expect. Trying to work more with my ”dynamic start” and it gives me a great speed from the ground, needs more work for perfect positioning though.

Running in the afternoon was not something I was looking forward too after yesterday’s squats and today’s cleans, however biggest beating was actually handed out to my shins for some reason. Breathing got hard pretty early, but still happy with the conistency and distances covered. Probably around 85, 90, 95% effort on the 3 different rounds.

Summer is coming, training feels great, coaching is fun, attention is given and taken where it needs to be. No complaints.


PB’s falling on my head..

10 09 2012

”If you’re not dreaming big, you’re playing small.”

– Robin Sharma –

A. Split Jerk, 3RM + 2*3@90%:
120kg/F+2 2RM PB!

B. Push Press, 3RM + 2*3@90%:
105kg 3RM PB! (+5kg), (2*3@95)

C. Back Squat, 3RM + 4*3@90%:
170kg 3RM PB! (+5kg) (4*3@153)

2h Rest

D. OTM6: 2 Strict + 2 Kipping HSPU on Parallettes, +22cm
3R + some failed reps

E1. 3 Strict CTB PU + 3 Strict Neck To Bar PU + 6 Strict Leg Raises
60s to
E2. 3*3/3 Turkish Get Ups, 24kg

Weird day. Missed the first Jerk and then got the other two at 120, thought about re-doing it but neck takes too much beating. Almost the same with the push press, first rep was the heaviest and took forever to lock out.

Happy with the back squat but was hoping for more actually. Last rep here made me see stars so decided PB was enough.

HSPU was a little bit optimistic to say the least, big jump from the +10cm on bumpers. Strict gymnastic series was cool, wanted to ease in to it so next week will be full 5/5/10 reps with turnarounds on the bar as well.

Some things are easy, some things are hard. Some things are natural, some things are awkward. At the end of the day, all I have is what I feel. Right or wrong to others? Don’t care, it’s right for me.


We’ll show the fire how to burn…

8 09 2012

”I don’t know, I don’t know where you came from,
But  the Gods been smiling.”

– Ben Howard, The Fire

A. Snatch Max For Day:
50kg, 60, 70, 80, 84, 88 (PB Power Snatch, +2kg), 93/F*4

B. Clean & Jerk Max For Day:
70, 90, 100, 110, 115, 122.5 PB! (+2.5kg).

1h Rest

C. ”Swedish Nationals 2012 Event 1”:

  • 10 C&J@60kg, 30 Lateral Jumps, 2*6m Carry
  • 10 C&J@70kg, 30 Lateral Jumps, 2*6m Carry
  • 10 C&J@80kg, 30 Lateral Jumps

Time: 6’45min

20min rest

D. ”Swedish Nationals Event 2”, 21-15-9:

  • Squat Snatch, 50kg
  • CTB Pull Ups

Time: 9’59min (original Time Cap 7min, changed that).

Good stuff today. Snatch at 88 was meant to be a full one, but lately I have comed to a position where I power snatch if it is ”light” enough. Really thought I was getting the 93 lifts every time, just small details. Worked a bit on a dynamic start as advised by my coach, Jean. Felt sooo much lighter from the ground, but also harder to hit the right positions with that speed. Will fine tune it during the next week.

C&J not so much to say about. PB in every part of the lift, think I have more in the tank as well. Still getting on my toes in the dip of the jerk. More to come. Only annoying part of this lift was when I stepped on a scale after I was done lifting, 82kg means I was 0.5kg from 1.5*body weight…

The two metcons was just because it was fun to try them out simultaneously as the ”Swedish Nationals” (it has some other weird Reebok related long ass name that I’m not even going to try to write out). Coulda/woulda/shoulda done better in both, nice pump after the last one.

Lifting is getting better, some nights and some mornings are better than any I’ve ever experienced before and the sun is back in a Cape Town full of almost summer vibe. Content is probably the word, even though it’s lame and not even close to describe what’s going on on the inside..